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Our Story

EyeBridge Consulting is a boutique consulting firm, largely built on word-of-mouth referrals from delighted clients across the country.

Our founder, Dr. Ann M. Hoscheit, brings the perspective of clinician, practice owner, dry eye specialist, innovator, strategist and implementation coach to every project, ensuring that optimal patient care is linked to financial success.​

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Our Mission

EyeBridge Consulting serves as your partner - we connect your vision to your success. We bring clinical knowledge and  expertise to deliver practical solutions.

Our Services


Dry Eye and Aesthetics Consulting

Only 29% of patients with confirmed dry eyes felt their eye doctor provided adequate care. Let's do better!

EyeBridge Consulting has helped clients across the country build their ocular surface disease and aesthetics service lines that have patients looking and feeling better.

Important partners include clinical experts, vendor relationships, skincare and eye beauty solutions.

Marketing support is now available through an exciting new partnership called Linked.


Private Practice Growth Strategies

Owning a practice comes with unique challenges and opportunities. Having founded two successful practices, and supported countless others, Dr. Hoscheit brings perspective and innovation.


This is not long-term consulting but rather coaching when a strategic solution is needed, including access to key partners in  legal, accounting, finance, marketing, human resources and team building.


Strategic Projects for Eye Care Industry

At EyeBridge Consulting, we have over two decades of experience partnering with industry to enhance ECP relationships.

If your company is launching a new product or technology, building their brand, or growing the market sector -  we provide valuable insight and strategies.  

We are experts at identifying opportunities based on historical context, current reputation, goal setting and mutual respect. The key to our success is identifying and building lasting relationships.

Bridging the gap with


Linked is an innovative program combining EyeBridge Consulting and DONE4YOU® Marketing. This program combines the practice knowledge of EyeBridge Consulting with the marketing agency DONE4YOU® Marketing, a dedicated marketing agency specializing in eye care practice growth and revenue based results.

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Patient Portal for Supplements

If you are a patient of EyeBridge Consulting, click on the  "place order" button for your personalized supplement recommendations.

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